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I’m a firm believer in people helping people, and that’s why I so strongly support WBDC. 
Every dollar you give to WBDC is used to directly impact aspiring, emerging and established
entrepreneurs.  As a WBDC client, I’ve experienced how the right tools, resources, and

connections make all the puzzle pieces fit just right.  I understand first-hand the sacrifices and
hard work that come with starting and growing your own business.  Through it all, WBDC has
been there for me.


I am a WBDC success story!  When my partner and I started our business three years ago, we had
demand for our products and services and a ton of expertise in our field.  What we didn’t have was a
business plan, a bookkeeping system, a marketing plan, etc.  Without the Women’s Business
Development Council, that’s where the story would have ended — as a dream we couldn’t fulfill. 


WBDC’s Economic Impact


Our extensive use of the vast array of tools within the three pillars of WBDC’s programming—

entrepreneurial training, financial education and professional development—has resulted in a more

than 50 percent increase in our gross revenue, the creation of two new jobs, and expansion

of our presence.  Today, WBDC is still helping us to hire additional staff, broaden our client base,

and boost our profits.


WBDC is poised to maximize the impact of women-powered small businesses on Connecticut’s

economic recovery efforts.  There are an estimated 123,000 women-owned firms in the state, generating

more than $26 billion in sales and employing 141,000 people.  WBDC remains a critical resource

for established businesses ready for the next step, as well as for women who want to open

businesses and pave a pathway toward successful futures.


Your contribution will make a difference for women and men seeking to start or grow a small business

to achieve financial independence and economic self-reliance for themselves and their families. 

Together, we can help make their dreams a reality!


I recently read this quote: “We cannot become what we cannot see.”  WBDC helps us see the road

ahead, build our own paths and steps, and become what we dream to be.


                                          Please answer Christina's call to action.


Warm regards,                                                                    




Christina Kazanas                                                            Gillian Doucette

HK Consulting Group, LLC                                                WBDC

WBDC Client                                                                  Annual Appeal Chairwoman                                            




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Made possible through grants from the U.S. SBA / Office of Women's Business Ownership,
Federal, State, Municipal, Corporate and Private Contributors.

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